A Piece of Bitcoin/Internet History

  • @BitchCoin Express: do you know which country Tibanne Co Ltd is incorporated in? Or if they are even publicly incorporated? (private wouldn't necessarily be required to register with any governing authority)

Jun-24 2011 03:02.
Jason Wells
  • @BitchCoin Express


    I was reallllllllllllllllllly hoping you were full BS but I called the New York Consulate and they confirmed a criminal investigation is no underway in Japan concerning Mtgox and no further comment will be issued. This sucks.

Jun-24 2011 03:14.
Jason Wells
  • I meant under way, my english is no so good when I am upset. Lady said Crminal Investigation is underway.

Jun-24 2011 03:14.
BitchCoin Express
  • @Rassah

    It is apparent you have a limited knowledge of how corporations work. To be legitimate, the must be registered. I am 100% positive the Japenese Consulate is an authority on who is and isn't a business in Japan.


    You are an obvious Cheerleader trying to further the stall.


    People, please do not take my word for, make a call the Consulate in your area and see for yourself.

Jun-24 2011 03:18.
Krompir Jun-24 2011 03:18.
BitchCoin Express

    ►►►►► ATTENTON ALL  ►►►►


    Here is the lik to finding the Japanese Consulate that handles your area in the USA. Mine was in NYC and when I contacted them they said they had about two dozen inquiries and complaints and that no such company existed in Japan. They are forwarding the information to the Ministry of Justice in Tokyo. It certainly appears that Mt.Gox is a scam and it is more apparent that all of this is just stringing us along. Contact the Consulate in your area and let's turn up the hear on Mt. Gox. The lack of communication, lack of action and  lack of explanations is a solid indicator of being scammed.



Jun-24 2011 03:19.
  • I called the San Francisco JC and got the same response. There is an on going criminal investigation, seizures have taken place and no further comment. I would also venture to say that no one has administrative access to this board or these comments would not be here.

Jun-24 2011 03:36.
Uncle Mantis
  • I emailed by Consulate. Not sure what I should have said. I basically said I was one of the 60,000 users that was effected by the MtGox.com hack.

Jun-24 2011 03:43.
Dieter Grosz
  • Hm, I got an E-Mail from helpdesk today regarding a question I asked about 2 Weeks ago. I'm regarding this as an idicator that MtGox is serious, otherwise I would not expect them to take care of a user request filed 2 weeks ago, especially not under the actual circumstands.

    I think you are just overdoing at the moment. For me up to now the whole thing doesn't appear to be fishy, I find everything conclusive up to now. But of course I do not know and could be wrong

Jun-24 2011 03:45.
  • @BitchCoin Express

    Either way, bringing up a lawsuit based only on speculation, and especially while the company has made a good faith effort to keep everyone informed of their progress, is pretty much grounds for a counter-suit for abuse of court, and for a libel/defamation suit. IF MtGox was telling the truth and comes back online with full functionality, they likely won't sue anyone spreading FUD on here, because it won't be cost effective (except maybe as a way to reestablish their image), but with all the hysteria on here by two or three specific people, it's pretty much legally possible now.

    Also, the idea of calling the authorities on a company HOURS before the company says they'll be back up and running is just retarded. Makes me think you may have something to gain from keeping them closed down.

Jun-24 2011 03:45.
  • @BitchCoin Express: It's also amusing that you think I have a limited understanding of how corporations work, since my degree is in Business/Corporate Finance :)

Jun-24 2011 03:47.
Uncle Mantis
  • Rassah it is not about MtGox right now it is about US! THE USERS! Even if MtGox does get up and running we need to cover OUR ASSES

Jun-24 2011 03:49.
Dieter Grosz
  • btw : the fact that an INVESTIGATION is underway does not mean alot. If a lot of people call the Japanese Consulate and claim to have been betrayed it is no wonder they start an investigation

Jun-24 2011 03:49.
BitchCoin Express
  • I have said nothing that isn't true and verified by the Japanese Consulate. Shut the hell up and call.

    I have nothing to gain and a small amount of BTC to lose (96 BTC).


    There isn't going to be any lawsuits.



    Gimme and the world a break. Responding to an issue from two weeks ago as a sign of good faith. LOL


    How about answering some questions like,

    EXPLAIN the JC's statement for one.

Jun-24 2011 03:51.
Uncle Mantis
  • 96 BTC is not a small amount in my eyes!

Jun-24 2011 03:52.
  • as far as i can see, tibanne co ltd is registered/incorporated in tokyo since 2009. but that is according to the information provided on their homepage (tibanne.com). so the japanese consulate said, there is an investigation against tibanne?

    @Bitch Coin Express, Jason Wells: i am just wondering, because for sure there is no incorporation regarding mtgox, but i suppose there is registration for tibanne co limited. would you therefore please explain, which name did you provide to the japanese consulate in your phone call?

    concerning the silkroad issue, there were these rumors about calling bitcoin illegal and furthermore the japanese government was assumed to have an eye on bitcoin. So these criminal investigations could be underway just because the japanese government investigates the legality of bitcoin.

Jun-24 2011 03:53.
BitchCoin Express
  • @rassah @dieter and anyone else,


    Isn't the lack of any communication from MT.Gox a little concerning?

    These updates could very easily be time posted and that woulld explain why there is no sync between what they post and what happens.

    As Howard pointed out, there is no "Admin" on this board which lends itself to autoposted updates.


    Sooner or later, the denial will become reality.

Jun-24 2011 03:54.
Dieter Grosz
  • @Bitcoin express

    stop speaking to me with such a disrespectful intonation.

    I said it is an indicator, nothing more. If they where just betrayers why should they still work on such requests, especially as normally no one (except me) would take notice of that and thus they would not expect it to help them in terms of keeping up the trust of people.

Jun-24 2011 03:56.
BitchCoin Express
  • @UncleMantis

    It's not a "small" amount but it isn't fortune breaking either. If Mt.Gox were to start at the $17.50 USD it's $1,680.00


    A simple post from anyone known to be associated with MTGOX would alleviate ALL of this.


    No Post are coming.

Jun-24 2011 04:00.
  • I'd be disappointed if the 2 step authentication process is not offered to all members who's account details were compromised, as he said in the video/web interview.  I'm willing to bet my trades will be rolled back, so I will be getting this added bonus, but it should be given to all members who were part of this website before the attack.

    as far as the unbalanced trading... I don't know if I agree that .3% or. 3 cents on every dollar is a huge disadvantage to anyone.  It might not be fair that i get to keep .3 cents more on every dollar I trade than you, but it does not put anyone at a significant disadvantage.

Jun-24 2011 04:00.
  • @BitchCoin Express: How about explaining where you get the idea that MtGox have done something illegal and are running with our money?

    @Uncle Mantis: I understand that, and I'm honestly not trying to defend MtGox for what they did. I just think the things people CLAIM they are doing with no proof is only causing more harm, spreading unnecessary fear, filling the comments section with spam, and is making those posters look like whiny self-important idiots. Though at this point I think it's starting to cross the line where MtGox may actually have a legal case against these people instead of the other way around (assuming MtGox IS operating legally right now)

Jun-24 2011 04:00.
Dieter Grosz
  • @ BitcoinExpr. we'll se. Of course I hope you are wrong. On the other hand, I only had a very limited ammount of money/BTC in my account, so I won't die if you are right. Lets hope the best. If it turns out you are right, we can still file lawsuits. For us tt doesn't matter if we do it now or in a week.

Jun-24 2011 04:01.
  • @Dieter Grosz: I only got the first e-mail following my claim. After 48 hours still no second e-mail about my account status. The first e-mail contains a link to the https://claim.mtgox.com site where you should be able to check any progress. This seems to be limited to the timestamp of your claim + the request to send a new message in the (presumably unlikely) event everything isn't resolved within 48 hours. I just submitted a Helpdesk request. Now the somewhat uneasy waiting continues.

Jun-24 2011 04:05.
  • @BitchCoin Express: What exactly are you looking for? 3, 4, or 5 posts a day? The hack only happened on Sunday. Four days ago. They went to talk to people live, posted on the forums, and posted updated here about twice a day. What the hell more do you expect? Or are you just telling everyone who'll listen that they have not posted anything because YOU yourself didn't see any posts? (even though there are a few right at the top of this page). Seriously, you sound more and more like someone who's just trying to bring down Mtgox for personal gain (you don't work for a competing exchange, do you?)

Jun-24 2011 04:09.
BitchCoin Express
  • @rassah

    Info from the Japanese Consulate that clearly states MTGOX or Tibanne does not exist in any Japanese Jurisdiction for taxation or business. The fact they have not addressed a single issue with a reasonable explanation. The fact that they have not once made a deadline on anything. The blatant stalling techniques.

    That's what makes me know they have conned us all.

    Basically they are pissing on our collective legs and auto posting it's just raining.


    Just shut the hell up and call the JC, see for yourself.


Jun-24 2011 04:11.
BitchCoin Express
  • @rassah

    No I don't work for any competing exchanges. Infact all competing exchanges will suffer when this surfaces. There is absolutely no proof that any resposne from MTGOX was "live". Addressing current questions IN THIS FORUM would prove otherwise.

    The fact I am still allowed to post clearly demonstrates there is zero admin control here.

    You would think, at a minimum if they were serious they would be right on top of this forum, looking at and answering questions, considering this is where the "Auto Post" are happening.


    Rassah, you cheerleading efforts are failing.

Jun-24 2011 04:16.
Dieter Grosz
  • @Nick : thanks alot ! I missed the fact that the link can also be used to check the status.

Jun-24 2011 04:21.
  • found this under the tibanne co ltd terms of service ( http://legal.tibanne.com/Tibanne_ToS_20100131.html ). sounds to me like if they do not want to compensate, they do not have to. i still hope, they get things right, but if i do not get any message from them, concerning my recovery request by tomorrow i would feel very bad about the hole issue.

    3. Liability and Force Majeure

    2. Tibanne Co. Ltd., agents, partners, ICANN, the central registry nor any person involved will be liable to the customer or any third party for any direct or indirect loss of profits, earnings or business opportunities, damages, expense, or costs resulting directly or indirectly from any failure to perform any obligation or provide service herunder because of any Force Majeure, or governmental acts or directives, strikes, riot or civil commotion, war, hacking, any natural desaster, equipment or facilities shortages which are beeing experienced by providers of telecommunication services generally, or other similar force or condition beyond Tibanne Co. Ltd.‘s reasonable control.

Jun-24 2011 04:25.
Dieter Grosz
  • @BitcoinExpr. As I said I recieved an E-Mail today and the information there refered to my question. At leat this Mail could not have been autogenerated. Only way would have been that they wrote the answer time ago and automated dispatchment, but this is to abstruse in my eyes

Jun-24 2011 04:28.
Dieter Grosz
  • @Andreas : yes of course. If they hadn't something like this in their policy they'd be insane

Jun-24 2011 04:31.
  • @Dieter Grosz: of course, but we all hope to get compensation and according to their ToS we might hope for ever and nobody will ever get any compensation at all.

Jun-24 2011 04:36.
  • @BitchCoin Express: They can't be any more live that being on the phone on Monday night and on Skype video chat Tuesday night on a TV show, taking interviewer questions and questions from the chat room. As for why they are not bothering with this forum here? My guess is that they are too busy to read through all the troll posts, and don't care about all the bitching and whining any more. I wouldn't either, and would only focus on quickly restoring service as fast as I can for customers who have been patient with me, ignoring the obnoxious ones.

    On a side one, one thing I LOVE about the ING Direct bank is that they have a policy where they can fire their customers. If you're a problem customer with too many complaints, they close your account, refund your money, and blacklist you, telling you to go bank with someone else. I REALLY wish more companies would do that too, since these obnoxious customers are only using up valuable time and money that the rest of us end up having to pay for with higher fees.

    @Andreas: That applies only up to themselves being criminally responsible. I.e. if they got hacked and everything was stolen, they're not liable. If they got hacked, the money is still there, and they ran with it, they're still liable.

Jun-24 2011 04:38.
fed up btc sucka
  • Ok I think everyone should just take it down a notch. A flamewar based on speculation and ZERO actual information doesn't help anyone. Obviously we are all concerned about the outcome of this. We all have something at stake. I know patiently waiting isn't always easy but we really have no choice here. Some information would be great mtgox, seriously. This does all seem a bit fishy about there being no admin presence on this board but that doesn't automatically mean that all of our dollars are subsidizing Mark's good life in Brazil. Everyone just calm down a bit.

Jun-24 2011 04:39.
  • Is there anyone here who has received confirmation about their "recovery request"?


    Mine said after I submitted it:

    "Account recovery request submitted at 2011-06-21 16:xx:xx GMT."



    "We will begin sending out emails with instructions within the next 24 hours. If you do not receive the email after 48 hours (see above) please contact us so we can look into your claim request"


    Still no news up until now. Exept the email I got right away after submitting, or coarse.


    I emailed them, since they told me to when it takes longer than 48 hours.. but then I get a reply telling me their support desk is too busy and handling my support ticket would cost another 48-72 hours.


    Yeah.. thats great, since the whole site should be opening up in less than 10 hours...

Jun-24 2011 05:03.
BitchCoin Express
  • @rassah

    No a "Skype" phone call doesn't indicate live. The postings are very generalized and nothing specific has been addressed.


    A posting from Mark, from his account addressing questions as well as the deletion of all my post would prove otherwise.


    There is "NO LIVE CONTROL" of Mt.Gox...


    I defy you to prove otherwise and my continued posting is evidence I am correct.

Jun-24 2011 05:09.
BitchCoin Express Jun-24 2011 05:12.
  • Anyone who received a confirmation of his / her account recovery process?

Jun-24 2011 05:13.
  • Has anyone received account recovery instructions ?

Jun-24 2011 05:16.
  • Just confirmed the complaint with the .jp consulate in houston and added my own.

Jun-24 2011 05:18.
  • @BitchCoin Express: "Here is an EXCELLENT article written today that repeats the same old unsubstantiated speculation that's been posted all over the place claiming that MTGOX as a con.

    Fixed it for you.

    But, yes, it's game over. Forget about your 96BTC, and go away. No need for you to be here any more, since it's all over with, anyway.

Jun-24 2011 05:18.
  • Please, can we stop the bullshit and move forward with answers from each other ? MtGox won't tell us shit other than they'll open at a certain time tomorrow.

    We need to rely on each other for information at this point. Can anyone please come forward and answer whether or not they got recovery instructions? If so please post details. Thank you. Fuck you MtGox.

Jun-24 2011 05:20.
  • @eatabowlofdicks


    I guess nobody did....

Jun-24 2011 05:21.
  • Then I guess.....MtGox will be eating a multitude of hot dick-filled bowls. Open wide, boys

Jun-24 2011 05:22.
  • Well I guess I will be keep asking this question a few times more over in the next few hours.. if there is not a single soul that can confirm having received instructions for the recovery process, then opening up the site would be rather pointless..

Jun-24 2011 05:24.
  • One thing I'd like to know if mtgox did indeed con us then why would they bother with a recovery page? 


    To buy time and keep members occupied for nothing?

Jun-24 2011 05:25.
BitchCoin Express
  • More verifiable info

    Kalyhost is owned by Mark Karpeles and is Tradehill's Webhost.

    Too coincidental to me since TH was acting like they had no connection to MTGOX.

    Just scroll to the bottom of the page of the homesite


Jun-24 2011 05:26.
  • @ Sean that is what we might call Scammed, or perhaps we will see the real deal when they launch - (if they stick to their word).

Jun-24 2011 05:27.
  • @ BitchCoin, it's a valid connection, but I wouldn't take it as some sort of criminal connection.

Jun-24 2011 05:28.
Rassah Jun-24 2011 05:31.
  • I have no idea. I still have my hopes up. But lets consider it to be a fact that 10% of the userbase (probably more by now then..) have requested the recovery claim process. Then there should be quite a few people out there by now having received confirmation and instructions. Or these guys are planning on validating and emailing 5000+ users within the next few hours.


    The only other option left would be they are validating requests and marking them as being valid, sending out instructions at the same time the site goes back up, effectively giving you access to their new launched site. That wouldn't be entirely unthinkable, but still.. then what's about the whole "within 48 hours" story? That would be plain stupid, because now tons of people are shooting support tickets their way having surpassed that 48 hour timeframe, effectively giving them more headaches AND undermining trust in their operation more than would have been nessicary.

Jun-24 2011 05:31.
  • Also:

    From Adam at MTGOX

    Hi Everyone,

    We are evaluating 2 methods at this time. SMS, and Yubikey.

    The "free subscription" we're referring to is SMS verification. Unfortunately we're a prime target for SMS flooding if we make this a free service, as you can probably understand.

    As for the Yubikey, you will pay for a key and the service itself would of course be offered free of charge, making it effectively a one time fee.

Jun-24 2011 05:34.
  • @Rassah: When was this posted?

Jun-24 2011 05:47.
BitchCoin Express
  • @rassah,


    Why don't "Adam from MTGOC"  or anyone from MTGOX show up here or post?


Jun-24 2011 05:47.
Rassah Jun-24 2011 05:48.
  • @ Trolls

    These have got to be trolls. If you really had large amounts of bitcoin tied up in an exchange you wouldn’t try to start a panic because you want the prices to stay high. Talking all the trash you guys do would just be hurting your self by causing panic and hurting the image of bitcoins as a whole. Or you are trolling for another exchange to try and drive customers away from mtgox. You have cried so much that no one can take you serious. I will stay with mtgox and have no problem with the wait; if you couldn’t afford to have money tied up you shouldn’t be messing with trading any way. What would you have done if bitcoins were low for two weeks?? sell and take a loss? No you would wait.

Jun-24 2011 05:48.
  • @james: I understand where you're coming from, really all we can do is wait.


    I had transferred about a $100 to dwolla and back again to mtgox the night before the hack thinking the price of bitcoins would go down but now I can't even retrieve what I made earlier, it feels bad and I know everyone else's anger. 

Jun-24 2011 05:53.
  • I just emailed them and I got this reply: 

    Your request (#****) has been received, and will be reviewed by our support staff.

    Our help desk is experiencing unusually high traffic currently. We regret to inform you that you will experience some delays (currently 48-72 hrs) in us getting back to you.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working on all fronts to improve our response times.

    To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below: 


    I take it this will take another 2 days

Jun-24 2011 05:54.
BitchCoin Express
  • @james

    Simply call the Japanese consulate and ask fro yourself.

    I have listed all the numbers and several other members have verified it.

    I have 96 BTC in MTGOX that I will never see again.


    The facts are staggering in support of this being a scam and not a single live rebuttal from MtGox.

    BTW, when MTGox falls and they will, all exchanges will fall.

    Certainly Tradehill will, as it now appears that MtGox owns the webhost TH uses.

    Too coincidental not to be connected.

    Kaleyhost.com, do a little research, it might relieve that bad case of denial you are in.

Jun-24 2011 05:56.
Ivica Jovanovic
  • How can I know if my Mt Gox account is claimed,am I going to receive e-mail from MtGox?I send my claim yesterday.When I will know if I can access my account?

Jun-24 2011 05:56.
  • I had just trasfered coins in and was watching the prices when it happened, it does suck but even the biggest companys with unlimited budgets still get hacked. It has to be really really stressful to be in there spot.

Jun-24 2011 05:57.
  • @Ivica Jovanovic

Jun-24 2011 05:59.
  • @Ivica Jovanovic

    I sent mine over two days ago, and still no reply. As far as I have been able to establish, no one has received instructions or confirmation yet

Jun-24 2011 05:59.
  • Those of us who've completed the Account Recovery: whoever gets an email to move forward, please share it with us. Otherwise, I am with every other person in here who's upset with this tard's nest of an operation.

Jun-24 2011 06:00.
  • Until the below is honored (and owed) to all of us - I will not rule out the possibility MtGox will come through for us. I can view the glass as half full and we should, at this point - all do the same. Read the below, and if it doesn't happen, then we go apeshit. Until then, shut the fuck up and wait.

    "Users with reclaimed accounts will be able to login to Mt.Gox on Friday June 24th at 3:00 GMT (12:00 JST). Once you are logged back into the Mt.Gox site you will be able to withdraw and deposit funds as per usual. You will not be able to trade initially, but we plan to activate trading within an hour of the site being up (4:00 GMT)."

Jun-24 2011 06:03.
  • I agree. However I keep saying: which "reclaimed accounts"?

Jun-24 2011 06:06.
  • This I keep saying as well. There should be no prejudice; only time - based discrepancy on who gets access emails and when. But again, we must step back and look at the timeframe involved. Do you honestly think they'll fire out 60,000 emails before the site's launch date / time? Again, skeptical but we should all hope for the best. Take the mind of the grind and let time do the rhyme.

Jun-24 2011 06:09.
  • Just got off the phone with the Japan Consul in San Francisco. They confirm no such company Tibanne Ltd or Mt. Gox exist anywhere in Tokyo or Japan as indicated on the website http://www.tibanne.com/about.html. Even the listed address is bogus. They also stated a criminal investigation is underway and suggested I contact authorities in the USA as Mark Karpeles is a US Citizen. This is not looking good. Bogus company and bad address. No responses.

Jun-24 2011 06:11.
  • I'm not sure I am 100% convinced this will screw MtGox, although Mark Karpeles has a presence well known on the web as a hacker, which also doesn't look good. He is also a very good hacker at that who has a background strictly in PHP and finance. He is also CEO of his own company which is based in France because he would never be able to get away with what he's doing in the US. Yes, be very afraid. But again don't consider it a disappearance of MtGox.

Jun-24 2011 06:14.
BitchCoin Express
  • The supposeed elementary mistakes made by giving the database to an insecure source is not something a seasoned hacker and coder like MK would make now is it?

    The whole thing is total BS.

Jun-24 2011 06:17.
  • Please source that comment. I understand Mark is a seasoned (perhaps too seasoned) hacker and coder, but you need to explain more about a database being given to an insecure source. Is there an notable article about this? If so I stand corrected. However I am still - again - waiting to see if they stick to their word regarding launch and account recovery. Until then we should all chill.

Jun-24 2011 06:22.
Patrick Harnett
  • Comment: The address is not bogus.  I was able to find it in less than two minutes.

    Tokyo-To, Suginami-ku, Kugayama 5-24-30, 102
Jun-24 2011 06:35.
  • @Labwiz: You are right, the address at the tibanne.com homepage seems not to be correct, but the whois-protocol provides this address:

    Cerulean Tower 15F Shibuya Tokyo

    and this address is existing. further details provided by the whois-protocol:


    RSP: KalyHost
    URL: http://www.kalyhost.com/

    created-date: 2007-01-02 21:05:49
    updated-date: 2011-03-06 05:45:07
    registration-expiration-date: 2013-01-02 21:05:49

    owner-organization: Tibanne Co. Ltd.
    owner-name: Mark Karpelès
    owner-street: Cerulean Tower 15F
    owner-city: Shibuya
    owner-state: Tokyo
    owner-zip: 168-0082
    owner-country: JP
    owner-phone: +81.345501529
    owner-email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jun-24 2011 06:36.
  • @ Patrick, as you can see clear overreactions as the site relaunch approaches. What side do you feel like you're on at this point?

Jun-24 2011 06:40.
Patrick Harnett
  • I'm just hunting up the "correct" company incorporation details.  I have been disappointed by the nature of many of the posts the past few days (I read them each day), and I think an example from Australia is far worse than anything here: "a web hosting company was hacked, 4800 web sites lost - no backup"  so, almost 5000 businesses are down the gurgler, and people here are upset about something they trusted.  This is wild-west stuff here - if you wanted regulated security exchanges, then stick to equities or forex.

    For the record, I have about USD250 in MtGox, am 40-ish and have a job and life.  I am in business and know how it works.

Jun-24 2011 06:47.
  • MT Gox.com


    created-date: 2007-01-02 21:05:49

    updated-date: 2011-03-06 05:45:07

    registration-expiration-date: 2013-01-02 21:05:49


    owner-organization: Tibanne Co. Ltd.

    owner-name: Mark Karpeläs

    owner-street: Cerulean Tower 15F

    owner-city: Shibuya

    owner-state: Tokyo

    owner-zip: 168-0082

    owner-country: JP

    owner-phone: +81.345501529


    owner-email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jun-24 2011 06:47.
  • @Patrick I am- like many others here- in the same boat. I understand as I have about 200usd in there,, and work in IT for a major telecommunications company with a pretty broad scope of the dirt behind this incident.. And you're absolutely right - if people wanted a form of regulation they won't find it here.
Jun-24 2011 07:05.
BitchCoin Express
  • @ J,

    Call the Japanese Consulate, they clearlt state as has been verified quite a few others, that Tibanne Ltd and MtGox are not valid companies anywhere in Japan.

    I am falrly sure the Japanese Consulate has accurate information.

    Call for yourselves, the numbers are listed in previous post, the Westcoast Consulates are open fro another 2 hours tofay.


    Are you seriously disputing that the Japanese Govt is wrong?

Jun-24 2011 07:17.
BitchCoin Express
  • Wow, should walk and iphone at the same time! LOL

Jun-24 2011 07:17.
  • @Patrick Harnett

    "This is wild-west stuff here - if you wanted regulated security exchanges, then stick to equities or forex.

Jun-24 2011 07:31.
  • I certainly am not a troll or naysayer but I did call the Japan Consul in SF when I saw bitchcoiner's post earlier. They JC in SF clearly said that both companies were not valid companies anywhere in Japan. That the address listed did not belong to Mtgox and a "criminal procedure was being initiated" were the exact words. Considering the fact that quite a few seem to know this Mark character as a hacker who lives in various places and the fact we have no updates that can be determined as real, yes it is a lot suspect at this point.

Jun-24 2011 07:32.
BitchCoin Express
  • [Update June 23 - 03:45 GMT] T-Minus 23 Hours and 15 Minutes Until Launch.


    A little under five hours, we shall see.

Jun-24 2011 07:37.
Patrick Harnett
  • Sorry, my day job is getting in the way, and I don't intend calling the US today.  I'd much prefer dealing direct with people in Japan.

    While you might think the consulate would have good information, that has several assumptions.  First is that it is a nationally incorporated company and they can "look it up".  Some jurisdictions have local business incorporation and I am not sure that they would even need official registration.  There are many companies that remain unincorporated.

    The other point I might make is that finding addresses in Japan is not like in the USA.  The codes refer to districts, blocks and buildings in no particular order.  The best way to find a particular address is to ask a local (and I've done that a few times when I've been there)..  

Jun-24 2011 07:41.
  • He seems to be awake now (MagicalTux is Mark at MtGox)...


    00:55 <+MagicalTux> good morning everyone, it's 7:55am here, leaving for the office in 5min
    00:55 < ne0futur> but I agree many things are very hard to accept
    00:55 < nidefawl> thx
    00:55 < ne0futur> and bad PR for sure
    00:56 <@vragnaroda> MagicalTux: it's true you're not the best at PR (no offense intended there), but that's one of the reasons i like you. (people good at pr
    tend not to be good at much else and i have little tolerance for bullshit when broken things need to be fixed)
    00:56 < netrin> MagicalTux: have you slept yet?
    00:56 < mabus> netrin: thats probably it.
    00:56 < bitsnbytes> magicaltux, i hope it will be a good morning
    00:56 < mabus> i think i remember hearing the bank was in france
    00:56 -!- qew [~ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] has joined #bitcoin-otc
    00:56 <@vragnaroda> mabus: yes, the bank that does the sepa transfers is in france
    00:56 < BTC_Bear> MagicalTux: Can you sign your emails, with your gpg key?
    00:56 <+MagicalTux> netrin: slept a bit, finally got the new history right, and will open mtgox as planned
    00:57 < bitsnbytes> btc_bear nepal +5:45 mainly to be different to india with +5:30
    00:57 <+MagicalTux> BTC_Bear: not for the auto emails, I'd have to create a new gpg key for that
Jun-24 2011 08:07.
  • 2 hours and 5 minutes and counting....................

Jun-24 2011 08:55.
Jeff Harris Jun-24 2011 09:05.
BitchCoin Express
  • What does open mean?????


     Open for Withdrawls, Just Begining The Verfication, Just being able to Login????


    Define Open, as far I am concerned it's not open till we can take out BTC and flee.

Jun-24 2011 09:12.
Peter Darmouth
  • Yeah yeah BitchCoin express troll, why don't you just wait 2 more hours and then take your coins and flee. Pronto! Byebye.


    But I guess once MtGox reopens and everything ain't nearly as disastreous as you claimed to know it would be... well then I guess you will keep on staying, cause that's what you do. Stay and annoy the shit out of everyone.


    Btw - my mailbox already has a filter rule running just for you. Ain't that funny? Ooh, just thinking about it gives me chills running down my spine. Oooh, that turns me on. More. MORE I SAY!

Jun-24 2011 09:43.
  • It's a sad commentary that one has to dredge IRC for answers Mark wont make clear to us on this very site. But honestly, if MtGox is opening in 2h or so, lets not fret.

Jun-24 2011 09:48.
  • So anyway, since MtGox will be opening soon, did anyone get their followup email ? I haven't.

Jun-24 2011 09:56.
Dr. Lithium
  • I haven't gotten a follow up email either. this is looking bad. 

Jun-24 2011 10:08.
  • Looking bad? LOL This has BEEN bad for days now. In 2h, we'll see just how bad it is. Who knows - from that IRC thread the emails may just come blasting out with the relaunch. Since Mark likes to keep us guessing, we haven't any idea for sure.

Jun-24 2011 10:17.
BitchCoin Express
  • @Peter Darmouth

    Why am I a troll. I have backed up everything with verifiable fact.

    1) Several posters, 5 last time I counted had called the Japenese Consuls and verifed what I posted.

    2) Nobody has recieved or can verify a followup email, no one.

    3) Mark or MTGOX has not posted once in this forum.

    4) All the updates are generalized and very well could have been auto posted in advance

    5) Tibanne owns the hosting comany that host TradeHill. Just go to Kalyhost.com and scroll to the bottom.

    6) $500,000  was supposedly taken from one account at MTGOX, yet not one word publicly from anyone or anywhere has said anyting about it. Furthermore what moron would keep $500K in an account where you can only withdraw $1000 per day? For what feasible purpose.

    7) The passwords were salted, even a medium level PW would take weeks to crack

    8) Mark is a high level hacker, I don't buy the weaksecurity BS.

    9) There is no verifiable technical reason to wait four days.

    Simply accepting emails or allowing some BS login with no actionable functions is not opening.

    Please put me down on record that MTGOX WILL NOT OPEN in 1.5 hours. You will not be able to withdraw funds or trade.


    If not believing Mark when he is pissing on my leg and auto-posting it is just raining is being a troll, then color me guilty!



Jun-24 2011 10:24.
  • Just got an email saying that my request was accepted. Also a few guys from overclockers.ru community claiming that their requests got accepted too.

Jun-24 2011 10:24.
  • This is what it says when you got accepted:

    Your account recovery request has been accepted.
    You will be able to access your Mt.Gox account once the site opens again.

Jun-24 2011 10:25.
  • @slipkn6t thank you. at least we know the process is actually happening. are you in the US?

Jun-24 2011 10:28.
  • eat a bowl of dicks, I'm in Russia.

    Also I have a pending withdrawal which was requested A DAY BEFORE the hack, hope I will received it someday. Did anyone receive such payments yet?

Jun-24 2011 10:36.
BitchCoin Express
  • @eatabowlof dicks

    How did you you respond to slipkn6t before he posted LOL.....

    You got your accounts mixed talking to yourself............

    Your response should have been to @marat...........

    What a dumb fuck!

Jun-24 2011 10:39.
  • coin express, Marat is my real name and slipkn6t is a nickname I use on the net. Google slipkn6t for more details.

Jun-24 2011 10:42.
  • @ BitchCoin - what the fuck are you smoking? Timestamp on my post: Jun-24 2011 07:58. Timestamp on slipkn6t's post: Jun-24 2011 07:55.


    Can you please shut the fuck up, calm down, and see what happens at 3:00 GMT (12:00 JST). Thank you for playing and get the fuck off my internet lawn. You annoy everyone here.

Jun-24 2011 10:43.
  • oh and BitchCoin, Eat a Bowl Of Hot Dicks!

Jun-24 2011 10:44.

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