A Piece of Bitcoin/Internet History

  • from what was said... Mark guarantees that all money and bitcoins will be in your account.  Unless you purchased coins during the crash.  Then you will have those orders rolled back.  And you will have they money you had before you placed those orders.

Jun-22 2011 13:09.
  • @Asuka you gay bro? I don't give a shit. Youre MtGox's very own tranny cheerleader.
Jun-22 2011 13:13.
  • HA! Tranny cheerleader, that's a good one

Jun-22 2011 13:16.
  • @AssSucka asked for it. He/she wants gender recognition. probably a "third gender" confused ladboy
Jun-22 2011 13:19.
  • Everyone give me your bitcoins!!!


    I'll keep them safe, I promise!!!!

Jun-22 2011 13:27.
  • Sounds alot like people abusing the cook as they order.

Jun-22 2011 13:32.
  • Everybody gets hacked. Banks, governments, nuclear plants. It is not a matter of if, but when.

    The real difference is how the incident is handled. This incident has been handled in time, in a professsional way so far.

    Keep up the good work! I do believe that now mtgox became the most secure bitcoin trading site for now.

Jun-22 2011 14:08.
  • 12 year old little insecure boys don't bother me.  He is just a little angry child lashing out for attention!

Jun-22 2011 14:44.
BitchCoin Express
  • Earlier today the EFF bailed on Bitcoin dropping it as a legitimate currency, no minor occurrence in Bitcoin's future to say the least.

    Now Dwolla is halting all payments to and from Bitcoin exchanges. If you try to add funds via Dwolla to your TH account the notice pops up. I also confirmed this with Dwolla Customer Service.


    This is the reason Tradehill has closed, effectively there is no way to turn Bitcoin into real USD at the moment.

    Fortunately I was able to buy several hundred BTC when the price dropped below a dollar and get them into my wallet and even more fortunate I was able to sell them on TH before trading stopped.


    Bitcoin is effectively dead as the confidence factor is nil right now.


    It was a great concept and I really hope that the iteration of a virtual currency will learn from the errors made here.



Jun-22 2011 14:55.
BitchCoin Express
  • Corrected sentence

    It was a great concept and I really hope that the NEXT  iteration of a virtual currency will learn from the errors made here.

Jun-22 2011 14:57.
  • THAT is bad news, Express... very bad news

Jun-22 2011 15:03.
teamdren Jun-22 2011 15:05.
Cody S
  • I love Mt. Gox but in the meantime I'm going to use Tradehill.com as well. I may keep using it too, since the fees are actually cheaper than Mt. Gox's too. They're even cheaper if you use this couponTH-R18727

Jun-22 2011 15:10.
BitchCoin Express
  • I'm not a troll, bad news doesn't equal troll.

    Just go to Google and search for EFF and Dwolla drop bitcoin.


    I loved Bitcoin, it was a lot of fun and I will be a part of the next version of it when it happens.

Jun-22 2011 15:15.
BitchCoin Express
  • @cody,

    1) Trade Hill is down

    2) There's a huge announcement over there that any and all referral codes posted on MT.Gox are being invalidated.

Jun-22 2011 15:19.
  • Can you post any link to the story of Dwolla stopping any and all payments to and from the bitcoin exchanges?

Jun-22 2011 15:20.
Cody S
  • @BitchCoinExpress

    No, actually they are back up as of 11AM it says.

    I looked all over their website and don't see any announcement. Anyone that wants a discount can use it.

Jun-22 2011 15:24.
gehgeh tester
  • Unlikely, but if anybody believed Bitchcoin, I just used Dwolla to add funds to Tradehill.

    Sorry, not dumping my coins better luck next time ;) 


Jun-22 2011 16:54.
Bitcoin Beggar
  • @BitchCoinExpress Then use bitcoin7 ( http://is.gd/bSrSor ) or other exchanges instead of Tradehill. Its much faster, offers various payments and it is up and running... Nothing is dead yedt, just because some exchanges don't work any more...

Jun-22 2011 18:08.
  • Mount Cocks, BitchCoin Express and all the other hysterical wimps, you need to see a Doc or take you prescribed medications.

    BitchCoin Express and hes lapdog Mount Cocks are full of shit. Do not believe anything they write.

    If you have questions, go to official mtgox IRC channel and ask.

    Read about Dwolla and Bitcoin "Guest Post: The virtual currency debate, exchange and hysteria" http://www.siliconprairienews.com/2011/06/guest-post-the-virtual-cu...

Jun-22 2011 18:25.
  • LOL @ the trolls :)


    TradeHill has not closed and Dwolla has not stopped accepting payments.

Jun-22 2011 18:32.
BTC Preservation Vault
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    This public service brought to you by The BTC Vault
Jun-22 2011 18:48.
Hoom P.
  • A quick question..

    After you fill in your details in the recovery process page, how long does it normally take for the follow up mail to be recieved so you can move to the next and final step, so to say?

    Greatful for a quick response..


Jun-22 2011 18:56.
  • @Hoom P: not really sure, could be 24 hours or until Friday when the site becomes full restored.

Jun-22 2011 19:24.
Hoom P.
  • Ah ok,

    Thanx Sean!

Jun-22 2011 19:29.
  • @Sean thanks. At least we have some scope of time - from a user - who would expect MtGox to give us an idea? This place is still on my shit-list.

    @Assucka how's that backpussy, stitches healing?

Jun-22 2011 20:15.
  • @EskimoBob here's some meds. You'll need them expecting this place to open soon. How the fuck can we expect to believe ANYTHING written on here? That includes you and MtCocks. Suck it up you're in the same shit-covered boat.

Jun-22 2011 20:17.
  • my info is mtgox will be closed 1-3 weeks. and please guys some of your post arent neither helpful nor funny. queston is how they get out without compensation if the course breaks down because of our frozen accounts
Jun-22 2011 20:51.
  • To all the people that like to mount cox, there is help and it's called gay.com. Maybe you can learn sex ed by playing your small wii or jacking off your friend and defecate where he pee. For everyone else MtGox will be back soon. Yes, it does suck balls that our shit was compromised. However, I look at it this way. Before Mtgox came along all we had was a market that would close and open the next day. These people said fuck all that, we want our shit 24/7 and helped spawn the other markets. From the sounds of it, their biggest mistake was that of trusting 3rd party to perform audits remotely rather than locally. It's a mistake that could effect anyone. Unlike sony, they responded at a decent rate. Because of the limits that they had and the fact they caught it pretty fast, saved a lot of people. In their defense, with the way that bitcoin is and the people that use it. It wouldn't be hard to learn that some people might go rouge and try to get money that much quicker. It also depends on the individuals motives behind it, some might try to collapse the whole thing. The important thing is that you learn and not make the same mistakes twice and also learn wtf is out there. Don't go so long without updating your shit and unless it's a 0day your pretty much safe.

Jun-22 2011 20:51.
Ivica Jovanovic
  • Check this bitcoin exchange site,a lot of trading going on here+great referral program-you can earn 20% of commission generated by your referrals:


Jun-22 2011 21:35.
  • @BitchCoin Express    The only thing that the EFF did was no longer accept bitcoin for donations, thats all.......  They are mainly worried about the legality of the currency but why would it be less legal than say the Dwolla, because it's anonymous?  Anyways, who cares if the EFF no longer accepts it for donations, it's not like EFF is running bitcoin or anything.  To say people have lost confidence is completely wrong..  Trades are still up above $14.00 today which is still up $4.00 from three weeks ago.  And if Tradehill is no longer accepting referral codes posted here on MtGox, it's because some idiots tried to take advantage of people here who are waiting for access to return to their accounts to boost their own profits.  It's not MtGox that Tradehill has an issue with, it's the assholes trying to take advantage of people here. 

Jun-22 2011 21:42.
  • This is what I say to all you trolls....

                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                     /'\|   |/'\..
                 /~\|   |   |   | \
                |   =[@]=   |   |  \
                |   |   |   |   |   \
                | ~   ~   ~   ~ |`   )
                |                   /
                 \                 /
                  \               /
                   \    _____    /
                    | (( +==)) |
Jun-22 2011 21:42.
Dee Brown
    Hash: SHA256

    I hear that so many are saying that the CIA would want to attack Bitcoin. That I really do not believe. I do believe that lettered organizations would love to get as much information as they could to able to effectively be able to influence or control the situation on some level...and know WHO has WHAT. The thing with intelligence agencies is that they deal in DARK markets and espionage, counter intelligence, and also have to be able to move money through front companies or other operations. For those agencies BITCOIN could possibly be the best thing since sliced bread. With a few exchanges and foreign countries available they will be able to move money without having to ship cargo planes full of cash on pallets. They can avoid audits by GAO and other congressional investigations into their legal and illegal operations. Like TOR and I2P (anonymous networks), it is THEY who benefit the most from a semi-anonymous fully developed decentralized stable market market place. It is not beyond the Pale to consider that they are the ones who actually developed the software or had something to do with it just like TOR. Banking is not going away, you will not get over board home loans anytime soon with a Bitcoin! Not at the level that would allow them to destroy the current banking system. That does not mean that in the much further future this will not be the case.

    I DO believe that other lettered organizations WILL test the systems and servers hosting Bitcoin exchanges. Tax authorities around the globe certainly will hire contractors to do so. I suggest that the exchanges put up an entrance through tor/i2P to access accounts. These services are by their nature resistant to login and browsing analysis as well as DDOS attacks. Secondly, if they are ever ruled to be illegal and have to shut down operations in any given country...the TOR cloud will protect against that outcome (albeit others might have to front the operation).

    Please make a TOR facing entry once you are up and running again. Clients will still be able to log on when the site is under normal web attack without effect!


    I would like to repeat, for those of you new to computer security, please use browser plugins which allow you to "Hash Your Passwords" (Passwod Hashr firefox, Hashpass chrome). These plugins will allow you to enter a simple password or phrase (can be the same) but it "salts" and changes the passwod: orange boxes to this on say yahoo: "R4-aEZKRTnGftMhbtGnmQ3o6", which is a pretty strong password! On another site the same password would be entirely different. True Crypt or any disk or folder encrypting system should be the place where your wallet and wallet files are stored. You mount the disk before you run the program and "dismount" it when you are done. Your wallet will never be stolen this way assuming you keep your browsers up to date and keep your computer virus/trojan free. We are entering a space and time of cloud transactions, users have to take more responsibilities on concerning their privacy and e-wallet security. Lastly, companies like mtgox.com should give us the option to see our logons, attempted logons, and allow us to restrict logons to certain IP ranges or addresses (non tor side). Possibly offer PIN and image verification for out transactions.

    I still believe that one should diversify their digital holdings (pecunix, goldmoney http://goo.gl/SpxzU, C-gold, Bitcoin, etc.) You ALSO should diversify where you hold onto it! Do not limit your transactions or holdings to ANY ONE exchange! Presently I hold accounts at tradehill , B7, and here at Mtgox. I am not happy with the situation but I think they will actually become stronger for it. Better to skrew up now when small than later when ever Joe Schmoe is using it and the damages are in the tens of millions. THANK YOU FOR the 898 people who have signed up via my referral request! I have made a grand total of .27 cents! When it reaches a dollar I will donate the proceeds, I believe I will continue to do so. I want to create a fully banking compliant Bitcoin exchange in the line of Forex or TDameritrade.com I will use proceeds from your sign ups to the other trades or any gifts you make to paypal or Dwolla to fund that operation. You can make Dwolla.com donations to: http://goo.gl/6hBte (even a dollar helps), Bitcoin Address for donations to fund: 15uY7iGkYspLUNf8tKFshd7n6BKome18hC by keeping the donation number the same you can check that I am not lying about funds received, held, or when they get spent.

    The Project will be open source in the sense of Android but for digital exchanges which we intend to make it the central community market place fully open and transparent in operations as well as Holdings.

    We will only get the system we are willing to build with our blood, sweat, and tears...and yes pockets! After this message every scam artist will offer something up to get at your money so be careful. We are going to host the initial project on www.digitalcurrencyfoundation.com (coming soon). Donations of about 10usd and above will get the project off the ground the quickest. If you donate via bitcoin, send an email later with the address and amount you paid from...this project will be community owned from the portions of the donations submitted for those who want ownership...after founding you will be contacted.

    We have already received a donation from www.frimobil.se the Swedish Global iPhone unlockers for €1,500.00 (also hosting space) and www.aziphoto.se for €300.00. If you are in the need for those services please support those companies! If you do not want to donate but indirectly support sign up to:

    bitcoin7.com with our account code: 7393    Tradehill: TH-14654  Thank you for the almost thousand signups so far (but .27 will not go far!)

    if you have any suggestions criticisms please post it on the community forum which will be up by the end of this week on the site.

    All communication from us will be singed with a pgp signature on site and off.

    Thank you guys for your support...Lets build the exchange, tools, and community we need to thrive together!
    Version: GnuPG/MacGPG2 v2.0.17 (Darwin)
    Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org
    Comment: Use GnuPG with Firefox : http://getfiregpg.org (Version: 0.8)

    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

Jun-22 2011 22:14.
  • oh nice funguy still using his atari
Jun-22 2011 22:16.
  • And what's wrong if I do use an Atari?

Jun-22 2011 22:42.
  • Looks like every bottom feeding scam artist is trying to get a bite from this unfortunate event. How low can ass sniffing trolls and scammers go!
    First they give you some copy/paste advice and then try to stick a tradeslow referral number up your ass.

    Dee Brown, at the moment, nobody has donated any BTC to your scam! :)

Jun-22 2011 23:07.
Uncle Mantis Jun-22 2011 23:14.
  • @Uncle Mantis   -  Take yer Tradehill referral code and shove it.   Man, all the leeches and bottom feeders come out of the woodwork.

Jun-22 2011 23:24.
Uncle Mantis
  • Hey Funguy. Stop being a troll. This is a SUPPORT FORUM and I asked a legitimate question.

Jun-22 2011 23:31.
b o
  • The "reclaim account" process first part seemed to work ok after I figured out that they want a  really long PW in addition to the complexity requirements:

    uppercase = ABCDEFGHI...

    lower case = abcdefghi...

    Numeric = 12345...

    special character = % ^ +=_-)(}{"?...

     If you believe you have all the complexity requirements covered and it still does not work, then try to make a PW that uses every visible space in the "new password" text box (I think it is around 17 character).

    I am now in the waiting stage of the process. 

Jun-22 2011 23:32.
  • @Uncle Mantis, your being the troll by posting your referral crap.  Perhaps a legitimate question, but clearly a troll.  Therefore, even though I have an answer for you I choose to withhold it.  And by the way, this is a forum for MTGox, not Dwolla, so go ask elsewhere even though your flapping lips do amuse me.....

Jun-22 2011 23:38.
Uncle Mantis
  • Funguy I have seen your history of posts and you are clearly the troll. how the fuck does an ASCII middle finger have anything to do MtGox? My Dwolla question is at least a Bitcoin topic.

Jun-22 2011 23:48.
Krompir Jun-22 2011 23:53.
  • what i dont like is beeing kept short on updates by mark mtgox longer than 14 h -i repeat i heard 1-3weeks process
Jun-23 2011 00:06.
Dee Brown
  • @EskimoBob

    "Dee Brown, at the moment, nobody has donated any BTC to your scam!"

    Yes EskimoBob, I just recently created and posted that payment address( Bitcoin transaction ID) so people could watch instead of doing it privately through my personal bitcoin wallet which I have received .65 bitcoins in donations soon to be transferred to that address.

    I have registered the domain as I stated and it will be up shortly. Like I said if you are not interested do not donate. Nay say. Be critical, its welcomed! Right to the companies I submitted and ask them to confirm their donations (one Dwolla the other moneybookers.com) I guess they preferred the non anonymous route. I am not interested in scamming anyone but I agree, trust little. It costs you nothing to do what you already where going to do...sign up to an exchange with a referral code.

    I am not trying to be anonymous but if you believe that everybody who comes up with an idea is a scam artist then their is nothing I can say to you. Those who have signed up know that they signed up and registered. If you think an businessman is capable of doing what I said and not being greedy than support! ASK questions. Just slandering me as a scam artist is not constructive. Its simple, I am a business man and an investor who sees an opportunity to help ourselves. I believe we should take it upon ourselves and be open. I am capable with the communities help of making it happen. Some will choose to be apart many will not.

    @EskimoBob if you have constructive criticism or questions offer them, I said this was about community! I just want to create something we all can benefit from together. I look forward to hearing from you. Give me a day to upload something to a server and start a forum so as not to spam this one!

Jun-23 2011 00:12.
  • Now requesting to recover your Mt.Gox account has been started.
    But since my account has been stolen 5 hours before the "big compromised account incident", now I even cannot request to recover my MtGox account.

    I know mtgox has some urgent affairs to handle right now. But it should also set up a way for the users like me to request for recovering the account.

    I have post a request to report my stolen account before the the "big compromised account incident". Now 3 days passed, no answer no email. This request is set to Urgent Priority but no one has even given me a reply.

    We pay transaction fees to mtgox, I think we deserved to have an account recovery service. But now the fact is that someone entered my account, changed my email address, changed my passwd. And I even do not know whether the fund or the btc is still in my account or not.

    When mtgox website open again, I still cannot login to my account. If the price rises, I cannot sell. If the price drops, I cannot buy. I think this is also another lost brought by mtgox.

    Do not forget the users just like me.
    At least offer a way to handle this problem.
    I can provide the proof the I am actually the owner of this account.

Jun-23 2011 00:14.
Uncle Mantis Jun-23 2011 00:18.
  • @Uncle Mantis - That ASCII middle finger was specially designed by the author for people like you. 

Jun-23 2011 00:22.
  • Snoleo just ignore Uncle Mantis.... He is a leech trying to get you to join Tradehill so he can get money from your trades.

Jun-23 2011 00:23.
Dee Brown
  • @EskimoBob, sorry for not spell checking!

Jun-23 2011 00:31.
Uncle Mantis Jun-23 2011 00:31.
  • @Snoleo


    What convinced you that your account was hacked? Everyone filled in an account recovery just like you did, all you need to is provide proof like an IP address (which is proof enough on its own)

Jun-23 2011 00:58.
  • @Uncle Mantis and everyone who uses TradeHill at least temporary until MtGox is back:
    Why doing it 2-way, when you can have it all for yourself:
    First create an account and use it's referral code to create another (the main) account.
    Now using your second account you save a percentage in commision.
    Furthermore, your first account receives a percentage of the commision on your second account.

    BTW I'm going to stick with MtGox.
    TradeHill and other exchanges are very young in comparison with MtGox.
    The same shit might very well happen with those exchanges when their volume and users and thus the potential gain for hackers continue to grow.
    After all the dust has settled here, I think MtGox will be more secure.

Jun-23 2011 01:21.
Dee Brown
  • @Atropos

    Great idea...did it myself! Gotta get the least commission right! lol

    I am going to stick with mtgox.com also. Shit happens, they are doing what is necessary to keep it from happening again...I am good with that.


    I still have not been able to start the process to restore my account, still getting the no account/ password error! Any suggestions? Of course I wrote support and opened a ticket (48hours) but maybe their is something that I have missed?


    Thanks in advance for any assistance guys.

Jun-23 2011 01:28.
  • Doesn't tradehill have shared hosting? 


    Sticking Mt Gox too, recruiting a few others when it's back up

Jun-23 2011 01:28.
  • And Tradehill's captcha can still be brute force hacked.  Captcha is really outdated now.  I imagine MtGox will be increasing the security measures for accounts.  What I am curious to know is why none of these bitcoin exchanges seem to use a pin # or such required before initiating exchanges, deposits, or withdrawals.  I am actually quite impressed with Liberty Reserve's authentication methods and am surprised none of these bitcoin exchanges have taken a similar approach to their security.  Be interesting to see MtGox when it comes back up and what new authentication if any is applied.  It's really gotta be more than login/pw/captcha and kablam! account fully open for a hacker to do what they please.

Jun-23 2011 02:06.
Uncle Mantis
  • MtGox is hosted in Japan and the Hack they said came from Hong Kong.

Jun-23 2011 02:10.
  • Does anyone know if a claim is accepted are we notified if it was approved ?
Jun-23 2011 02:19.
Ivica Jovanovic Jun-23 2011 02:23.
  • @Ivica Jovanovic:  Yeah like I call BS to that crap.

Jun-23 2011 02:31.
  • @James: One would think mtgox would dispatch more emails, they kept me posted last night.

Jun-23 2011 02:52.
  • So the account recovery process?  Is there any way to check the status on it?

Jun-23 2011 02:52.
  • @Dennis: check your email you received after you made the recovery claim, the link is there.

    Dear xxx,

    We have received a recovery request for your account that pointed to this email.

    To verify this email and enter the recovery process, please use the link below.

    Please note that this link will allow you to verify the status of your recovery request in the future. Once your recovery has been successful your account will be reset with the password you provided in the previous step.
Jun-23 2011 02:56.
  • "Dennis: Check the URL you got in the email from MtGox.  Same one that you used to send your proof.  They also say that an email will be sent to you when your account is ready.

Jun-23 2011 02:57.
  • Well still waiting to be reviewed.  I know it says if it has been more then 24 hrs to contact them, but their time guestimates have been pretty off all week.  Think i should give them a little more time before emailing them?


Jun-23 2011 03:03.
  • Well I emailed just in case, even tho I doubt some hacker could have proved more proof.

    I just wish they would have informed about the possible delay on top of that 24 hours, their mailbox is going to be flooded by the time they wake up over Japan :p 

Jun-23 2011 03:09.
  • I would give them more time......  Almost 24hrs for me too but giving them until tomorrow.

Jun-23 2011 03:10.
Krompir Jun-23 2011 03:45.
  • Awesome place to send your bitcoins :)   1gdC1dAgxoCXpgT61PAdte6BKcKJkkpqC

Jun-23 2011 04:52.
  • If your pass in the leaked database was simple and you used it on another (bitcoin related especially) sites, be careful.   

    Someone tried to stole my pool mined btc and some acc settings were changed, but fortunately slush's pool requires email confirmation to change wallet.

    I glad Mtgox at least contacted google about that.

Jun-23 2011 05:32.

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