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Faceless Businessman
  • @devserial  I have a say.  I pay for the service.  I am a customer.  And I demand access to my money and my coins.  I also have a say as to whether I trade with them again.  And, I'm going with NO, I will not trade with them again.

Jun-20 2011 06:46.
  • I submitted ticket several times to mtgox and did not hear back for more then 5 days.. Here is my story - http://forum.bitcoin.org/index.php?topic=19221.0

    Definitely they were hacked and login/passwords were hijacked. Probably hackers were trying to withdraw $1000 worth of coins from each account. My 50+ btc are lost due same issue. And looks like mtgox.com is not going to refund/fix it.

Jun-20 2011 06:49.
  • My gmail (associated with MTGOX) (but not the same password) password was reset by google.They say that suspect activtity was detected!!! WTF !!!IT's the same for a friend using gmail and Mt gox

Jun-20 2011 06:49.
Dee Brown
  • P.S. Knew the sell off panic was coming but at the hands of government I had thought, all the newbies would sell and panic. My email let me know my open order to buy tons of bitcoins at a low got filled! Fucking rollbacks...but it seems it was filled with stolen coins, those I do not want.

Jun-20 2011 06:52.
  • @Pierre.  Same thing just happened to me.

Jun-20 2011 06:52.
Uncle Mantis
  • I am surprised that there was not a circut breaker in place already. I have not traded with Mt.Gox.com yet and I am very glad that I am waiting!

Jun-20 2011 06:54.
John Hamelink
  • Passwords should always be salted for this reason. This does not make me comfortable in using mtgox.

Jun-20 2011 06:57.
  • My google account has been reset as well. Apparently, they are actively using the stolen MtGox accounts. Great!

Jun-20 2011 06:59.
  • does google was informing about what's happened, or is it because there are  realy  suspects acrivties?

Jun-20 2011 06:59.
Faceless Businessman
  • My username and my email along with my password is on that fucking list.  You are incompetent jackasses.  I want access to my account.  FUCK YOU MTGOX!  People are getting HACKED with the lack of security on your site on gmail and other sites.  Because of this.

Jun-20 2011 07:01.
  • was google informed about that...sorry for mistakes..

Jun-20 2011 07:04.
  • @Pierre


    @Faceless Businessman you should have used stronger password protection methods yourself.  ie. not using the same password in more than one place.  Especially in the light of the PSN hacks and lulzsec.  This sucks, but Mt.Gox is as much a victim as any one of us.

Jun-20 2011 07:05.
Taylor Redden
  • I think that maybe Mt. Gox has informed google of which accounts could possibly comprimised, thus the reason for 'suspicious' activity and locked down accounts. I think they just wanted everyone to change their password.

    Funny thing is, I never got my email regarding the situation until after I had actually logged into google, and reset my password, and then checked my mail.

    All in all guys, chill the fuck out. You can never make money without risk, and this is the risk you accepted by being an early adopter. Just sit back and breathe for a second, then think about how lucky you are to actually have that breath of air. You are still alive, so it could be worse...

Jun-20 2011 07:06.
  • "People are getting HACKED with the lack of security on your site on gmail and other sites. 


    People are getting hacked because they were too dumb to use the same insecure passwords everywhere.

Jun-20 2011 07:07.
  • @ Taylor Redden

Jun-20 2011 07:08.
  • @ Taylor Redden

Jun-20 2011 07:08.
  • Screw this, I'm moving to TradeHill.  Use this code when signing up to get reduced fees TH-R15720

Jun-20 2011 07:08.
  • Same for me with Gmail. WTF. AT least I changed it, haven't been changed for a while. :)

    Anyway, I don't know what you people are complaining about. You deposit money into nowhere to some website that no one knows anything about and now if something goes wrong you complain. WTF. Chill out, as you can see the site owners are handling the issue responsibly, with diligence 

Jun-20 2011 07:09.
Dieter Grosz
  • @Taylor Redden


    yes, somehow you're damn right

Jun-20 2011 07:09.
  • I love all these people who are moving to trade hill and posting their commission link.  Nothing like trying to get another free dollar, right guys?

    And when Trade Hill gets hacked next... what are you going to do then?

Jun-20 2011 07:09.
  • Left off from my previous post: ... and with good communication.

Jun-20 2011 07:11.
  • Mt gox is probably the most secure bitcoin web site...

Jun-20 2011 07:11.
  • @Pierre

Jun-20 2011 07:14.
Faceless Businessman
  • @everyone telling me to chill out.  They can easily allow access to our accounts to change our passwords without allowing trading.  This wasn't one users account that was compromised.  It was all of ours.  They are lying about this as I can plainly see their database on the bitcoin forums.

    Also, this is my fucking money.  They don't have a right to keep it from me and I can complain about my money and coins being tied up all I fucking want.

Jun-20 2011 07:14.
Dan Maddox
  • ►I would like an intelligent answer on exactly how you are going to rollback my buying at bottom and transfer of three blocks of 50? 

    They're securely sitting in my encrypted wallet on a machine I only connect for transfers.

Jun-20 2011 07:15.
  • @Faceless Businessman

    and we can tell you to chill out all we want.  You can cry conspiracy all you want.  But most of us in the bitcoin circle already know about the guy who's wallet got jacked for 25,000 coins... I think we just saw the fallout of that jacking.  You aren't a business man... you are a petulant child.  Now time to learn the risks with investing in anything that is strictly on the web with no backing.

Jun-20 2011 07:17.
  • @Dan Maddox they can't rollback anything that has been transferred off the site.  They aren't stating they will.  They have to take that as a loss.

Jun-20 2011 07:18.
Rickard Olsson
  • The "discount" codes for Tradehill that a few people here are posting are actually their own referral codes.

    You will not get a discount, but they will get a kickback from Tradehill for scamming you. Read more here: https://www.tradehill.com/Support/ReferralProgram/

Jun-20 2011 07:20.
  • Change ALL PASSWORD.
    Status.......: Aborted
    Hash.Type....: md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5
    Input.Mode...: File (rockyou.txt)
    Time.Running.: 41 mins, 20 secs
    Time.Left....: 3 days, 22 hours
    Speed........: 2405.0k/s
    Recovered....: 830/59100 Digests, 830/59100 Salts
    Progress.....: 5969018880/821609796960 (0.73%)
    HW.Monitor.#1: 94% GPU, 70c Temp
Jun-20 2011 07:21.
  • This reminds me of this time I was watching the discovery channel. A couple of wolves chased after a huge herd of who-knows-where-foreign cows and ended up freaking them all out, killed a sick baby calf, omg madness everywhere ... and yet, if the cows had the intelligence we humans are so gifted with, they would have lost next to nothing, and it would have cost them next to no effort.

    What I'm trying to say here is this: more damage is caused by allowing ourselves to be spooked about this, or by being tempted to exploit others out of greed, or by trying to minimize our currently-imaginary losses. If we all relax and allow Gox support to fix the issues without all the incessant drama, things will be back to normal before we know it. The BTC movement is bigger than this, and so are the huge benefits that said movement will bring to bare on society over time.




    PS. I own over 10k btc.

Jun-20 2011 07:22.
  • MtGox guys, I'm on your side. This is hard times and you're doing pretty good. Heads up! Thanks.

    All the crying whinnies: WTF guys, this is an emerging market and big waves come and go. If MtGox are nice, we will rollback and all will be nice and smooth as before. And that you possibly got starhigh rich and now threaten with lawyers? C'mon kids! I know, it sucks, but that happens even on "real" exchanges. And: you probably did read terms of use, right? And have a signed contract..so yeah, go and cry at your lawyer's :P I hope you were spart enough to not to have life-threatening sums of $ engaged in BTC.

    And we all shall use strong passwords :)


    Nice evening to all good folks around here! Let's meet tommorow on markatplace ;)

Jun-20 2011 07:23.
Dan Maddox
  • @Asuka, 

    Thanks for the clarification, was just curious if they had some measure to that. 

    No matter what happens now, Mt.Gox cred is going to take a serious beating.

Jun-20 2011 07:23.
  • @Dan Maddox  The only worry I have... is your account having a negative balance because of all this... (speculation at best from a forum somewhere... don't get your undies in a bunch... it is NOT OFFICIAL) I guess that isn't the only worry I have... since I have coins on this site :P

Jun-20 2011 07:28.
  • The Problem will be:


    Persons that didn't add a Email Address would never be able to login again. EXCEPT, maybe, if they can prove some transactions. Like "Hey, i got XX from your via XYXYXYXYXYXXYXY" or "I transferred XXX via Wire / SEPA from my account Nr . bla bla " 

    Then MTGox could reactivate the account.


    Email users could get the reactivate email.

Jun-20 2011 07:29.
brian smith
  • If the rollback is done properly then that is the best course of action.  There have been some recent rollbacks on the US stock market where some stocks had very large price movements down and back up at the end of trading.  It does happen.  The bigger concern is if this was a result of a cross site scripting exploit and will that be corrected.  We need the following answers.

    1.  Is the Cross Site Scripting Error being addressed too?

    2.  Will there be a blanket password reset?  How will it done by email?

    3.  When will the site return?

Jun-20 2011 07:33.
  • guys, i beg you all to calm down. there have been way too many hysterical reactions on the proposal of a rollback here. of course it is a pity that you would have made money without the rollback. i myself cannot login into my account and am uncertain about my money. though there are 2 things that are very important:

    first, do not in any case withdraw your money immediately after the reopening. the price would fall to a horrifyingly deep level and every single one of you will lose money. bitcoin is a currency that lives of trust. without us trusting the currency and its trading platforms, it will be lose-lose. i am sure that mt gox will make the right steps and be able to regain our trust.

    second, a rollback will be a just solution for everyone. after this is done, mt gox will have to increase security levels, eg by introducing PIN and TAN numbers as it is common in online banking and broking.. and they lived happily ever after..


Jun-20 2011 07:35.
brian smith
  • Everyone should use LastPass.  It's a great security tool  All of my passwords are very secure, used once, and secured with a really strong password.  It really is the best solution out there.

Jun-20 2011 07:36.
  • additionally, i must remind you that everyone on mt gox had knowledge of the risk trading here. every site can somehow be hacked, security levels were low, so everyone could foresee this. you cannot blame other people for your own risk-unawareness

Jun-20 2011 07:38.
  • @ brian smith  according to his information up top. 11am Japan Standard Time June 20th 2011.  For anyone who does't know what time that is US: 9pm EST June 19th 2011

Jun-20 2011 07:38.
  • Yeah this mtGoxis most likely done...   People are signing up with tradehill, if you do make sure to use code TH-R15805?

Jun-20 2011 07:44.
  • Tradehill discount code TH-R15805 gets you 10% off all commissions.

Jun-20 2011 07:45.
  • Well, this sucks, I as well have had many attempts made at brute forcing my Gmail account and Google has continued to reset my password, starting to get annoying though.  However, my biggest concern right now is.. when login(s) are once again available, and if I am unable to immediately login and change my password, what is to happen if someone is able to crack my password that has been released now via the forums.  Its salted, obviously, but that doesn't mean someone isn't going to end up cracking it.  I would like to know EXACTLY when I am able to login and reset my password or opt to receive a re-activation email to the address on file.


    MTGOX, have you any thoughts or statements to address such questions that I am sure other individuals are having as well?  

Jun-20 2011 07:52.
  • i had some USD in mtgox with one order for $11 ($99 USD)...do i still have my USD or do i now have 11 BTC?


    thanks if anyone can tell me...

Jun-20 2011 07:53.
Dan Maddox
  • @Max Volmar


    Are you serious? As soon as trading begins everybody on MtGox is going to withdraw.

Jun-20 2011 07:54.
Philip Meier
  • To calm down is always good, but some problems are:

    a) A full rollback will not be possible, because many users who bought their bitcoins cheap, will probably have transfered them to their secure personal wallet on their computer. Try to rollback that!

    b) The non-reversibility and anonymity of bitcoin transactions are also Bitcoins' biggest flaw. Regulators around the globe will not like this and now with this huge incident, the courts, authorities and financial regulators around the globe have good reason to look into this.

    I would not be surprised if this entire bitcoin thing will be declared somewhat illegal and transactions to and from bitcoins into other currencies will become very difficult in the future, as no company will be allowed to do it anymore.

    Best Regards


Jun-20 2011 07:54.
Andrey Frolov
  • MTGox - wish you the best in fixing the security, doing rollback.

    Those who try to earn on other's grief from stolen bitcoins or huge price drop - what are you trying to do? Is that much different from robbery?

    And the last - regarding those tradehill "discount codes" - there are no discount for those codes, just some comission for those who post them. So if you want to send me some thanks - use my code  TH-R15764 

    Also, TradeHill made nice gesture and disabled trades and withdraws for some hours, due to MtGox issue. Good move, as this will stop some greedy ppl from earning from btc fall and unevitable future rise, doing bad things to bitcoin market in process.

Jun-20 2011 07:55.
  • A suggestion to secure your passwords:

    Write a master list of your accounts and their associated passwords using pen and paper. Hide it somewhere in your room. Make sure each password is UNIQUE and complicated. You can also store a copy if it on a hard drive, but make sure that the hard drive is never connected to a network!

Jun-20 2011 07:55.
Andrey Frolov
  • For those with emails - you can go to sleep after changing your email password I believe. This is an excerpt from email I got from MtGox:
    "Our database has been compromised, including your email. We are working on a
    quick resolution and to begin with, your password has been disabled as a
    security measure (and you will need to reset it to login again on Mt.Gox). "

    so I think there is nothing to worry if you have secure email (not the same password as in mtgox and not on mailbox like mailinator :)

Jun-20 2011 08:00.
  • If they roll back the sell out will happen as soon as people are able to log back in. A dramatic decrease in value seems unavoidable but Mt. Gox should at least:

       - suspend trade for a reasonable amount of time (and I would say at least a full day after log in is restored) to allow every affected user to log in, cancel and set orders, change their passwords etc.

       - all automatic buy orders should be cancelled

    Btw, I received an email even though I consider my password reasonably secure. But we'll see...

Jun-20 2011 08:00.
  • The planned rollback is the biggest scam of all! Do you really believe someone tried to steal money from a 500K account?

    If anything it was  a cooperation / intelligence service / paypal or antything trying to hurt the new currency (with their own bitcoins).

    Everyone who BOUGHT while prices were dropping did this as a trader - very well knowing it could fall and stay at zero.

    Those who had the courrage to do so - believing that bitcoin wil prevail in the longterm now get punished!

    Now, you want to rollback - THIS IS THE SCAM EVER - this is only be done to "keep" face by Mt Gox. Because if Mt Gox does not do the rollback it states that it is open for hackers in the future. (Sure, Mt Gox already has made their cut...and they want to continue doing so!!! Don't be blind, people!!!)

    This is unbelievable.

    And accusing investors of being robbers is the most insolent thing of all!!! No one knew exactly what happend and why, everyone decided to do the best of his/her ability in that moment and did what he/she considered the best course of action. Buying during a crash takes a lot of balls. That is trading. If you don't like it - don't do it. But to reverse a trade because the rate has dropped "too much" - that's just insane (where are we in Woodstock???). Again, I am sorry if anyone lost his/her coins due to hacking, but it simply can't be that everyone else has to suffer from that!!!


Jun-20 2011 08:07.
Kit Kit Jun-20 2011 08:11.
Danny Storvick
  • What is going on my emails where hacked along with my mt. gox account

Jun-20 2011 08:11.
Andrey Frolov
  • Yes, of course, those buying stolen bitcoins are knights in white armour, with huge balls (in armour too, or maybe just with the balls of steel). Buying at 1 cent is so brave, right?

    And more then that, bitcoins of course are not stolen. At least that is not proved, so "knights" are clean.

    And of course denying those "traders" to earn where others will definitely loose is a "SCAM EVER".

    Feed this shit to somebody else

Jun-20 2011 08:12.
brian smith Jun-20 2011 08:17.
Jason Southwell
  • Does anyone else wonder if it was the account of Mt. Gox it'self that was hacked?  Central clearing house account or something?

Jun-20 2011 08:17.
Dee Brown
  • @Rickard Olsson

    As for the tradehill "discount" its certainly true. The people who promote the site get a supper tiny portion of the  already tiny commissions that are charged on trades. Affiliate marketing is nothing new and not a scam. Do you have an equal problem with mtgox.com NOT sharing any profit with its adopters? Mtgox is allowing us to SHARE in the LOSS of itself and a customer who is not so bright. I feel for him, but he is an idiot! I have been robbed before and I took it on the chin and made it back, smarter for the effort. I have suffered through ID theft, Deed fraud, Break ins, gun point robbery, white collar embezzlement, check fraud, credit card fraud, slip & fall fraud, and legal fraud committed by sleazy lawyers

    If you feel that it is a smart thing to diversify your wallets, funds, and your market exchanges and should you choose to use tradehill.com I would be honored if you used my code when you sign up which gives you a small discount (5% or so) on your future trades and me (and potentially you) a small profit on those same trades that you will pay regardless if you use the code! (less than a penny on most trades to a referrer):  TH-R14654

    But not you Rickard Olsson because somehow the above is immoral because I might profit a few pennies a year? I know that is evil...but wait are you not on a bitcoin market site doing exchanges for profit?

Jun-20 2011 08:17.
brian smith Jun-20 2011 08:18.
Nathan Rich
  • Very cool of tradehill to stop trading. Mtgox, you owe them a beer! Hope everything comes back alright

Jun-20 2011 08:19.

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