MtGox Holding SEPA Payments

As of now, it appears to be impossible to get your money out of MtGox. A way to get your money out is to buy Bitcoins, transfer them to another Bitcoin exchange like Tradehill or Bitcoin7, convert back to your currency and withdraw the money (Both TradeHill and Bitcoin7 are now discontinued).

We sincerely apologize for the delay in transferring funds to your bank account. At present we are experiencing severe issues with SEPA transfers, but please be aware that whilst the transfer is stalled, it may be cancelled at any time and the funds in question returned to your Mt.Gox account. Alternatively, you may continue to wait for a resolution to the SEPA issues, at which point your transfer will be completed automatically and the funds deposited in the bank account designated in the withdrawal request.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could contact us with regards to how you wish to proceed.


Kind Regards,

Mt.Gox Support Team

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